Supreme Council 33° for Australia

The Supreme Council for Australia was inaugurated on 12th October 1985 with 202 Chapters formerly holding allegiance under the Supreme Council for England and Wales or the Supreme Council for Scotland.

The Supreme Council for Australia administers the Rite across eight Regions that span the continent:

Region No.1 - New South Wales (South)

Region No.2 - Queensland (South)

Region No.3 - Victoria, Sunraysia and the Riverina

Region No.4 - Western Australia

Region No.5 - South Australia

Region No.6 - New South Wales (North)

Region No.7 - Queensland (North) & Carpentaria

Region No.8 – Tasmania 


Tableau of Supreme Council

The Supreme Council is led by a Sovereign Grand Commander, who is assisted by his Lieutenant Grand Commander and the Officers of Supreme Council (the 'Tableau'), who comprise the other Regional Commanders and the Grand Secretary General. The current Tableau of the Supreme Council for Australia is:

   M\P\Bro W Thompson, 33°                       Sovereign Grand Commander

                V\P\Bro GW Morgan, 33°                         Lieutenant Grand Commander

                M\lll\Bro JR Gist, 33°                               Grand Treasurer General H\E\

                M\Ill\Bro AH Charlton, 33°                      Grand Registrar    

                M\lll\Bro GW Summerhayes, 33°            Grand Prior

                M\lll\Bro CP Hondris, 33°                        Grand Chancellor

                M\Ill\Bro CO Mander, 33°                       Grand Director of Ceremonies

                M\Ill\Bro G Mauger, 33°                         Grand Marshal

                M\Ill\Bro RV Pickering, 33°                    Grand Captain General

                M\Ill\Bro D De Candia, 33°                     Grand Secretary General H\E\