Region 4
Western Australia

Districts of: WA Central East;  WA Northern; WA Central South; 

WA Great Southern; WA South West.

M∴Ill∴ Bro Graeme Cucel, 33°
Vince Viola

region NEWS

Region 4 (WA) Cockburn Sovereign Chapter No 90

Region 4 (WA) Cockburn Sovereign Chapter No 90 – Today the chapter met in Mandurah (WA) to...

Region 4 – (WA) South West Lefanu Sovereign Chapter No 35

Region 4 (WA) – Yesterday in the South West Town of Bunbury, the Chapter Enthroned Em.Bro...

Region 4 WA- Fremantle Sovereign Council

Fremantle Sovereign Council – Last night the Council met to work the 30th degree for E & P...

Region 4 – Boucaut Sovereign Chapter No 5 – Perfection

Region 4 – Boucaut Sovereign Chapter No 5 – Last night the chapter room was full of...

Region 4 WA – Gordon with Victoria Park Sovereign Chapter No 40

Region 4 – Gordon with Victoria Park No 40 – Last night after a hot 41 degree day we...

Region 4 – Hosanna Sovereign Chapter

Region 4 – Hosanna Sovereign Chapter – Last night the Chapter met to Perfect Bro Regan...

Region 4 – J A Ellis Sovereign Council No 19

Region 4  WA – J A Ellis Sovereign Council No 19 Last night the Council dedicated their new...

Region 4 – A weekend of AASR Freemasonry in the North West

Saturday morning we conducted a dual Rose Croix perfection followed by the joint enthronement of the...

Region 4 – Boucaut Sovereign Chapter No 5 – Last night the chapter performed a double perfection.

The members of Boucaut as well as some visitors performed a wonderfull ceremony and Perfected these...
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Doubleview5 Boucaut1st Thu Feb May Aug NovMay4WA CENTRAL EAST
Victoria Park40 Gordon with Victoria Park3rd Tue Jan Apr Jul OctOctober4WA CENTRAL EAST
Dowerin51 Northam3rd Sat Mar Jun Sept NovSeptember4WA CENTRAL EAST
Kalamunda179 Hosanna1st Mon Mar May Aug DecMay4WA CENTRAL EAST
Doubleview27 Duke of Kent3rd Mon March Sept Dec & 1st Mon JulyMarch4WA CENTRAL SOUTH
Fremantle64 Fremantle4th Mon Feb May Aug NovMay4WA CENTRAL SOUTH
Furnissdale90 Cockburn3rd Wed Feb Jul OctOctober4WA CENTRAL SOUTH
Kingsley202 Kingsley4th Fri Mar Jun Sep NovMarch4WA CENTRAL SOUTH
Geraldton42 Nowell3rd Mon Jan Jul Oct 3rd Sat AprApril4WA NORTHERN
Karratha196 Rose of Pilbara1st Sat Mar Jul NovNovember4WA NORTHERN
Port Hedland212 Port Hedland4th Sat Mar Jul Sept NovJuly4WA NORTHERN
Narrogin78 Rose of the South1st Sat Feb May Aug NovNovember4WA GREAT SOUTHERN
Albany102 Lockyer2nd Fri Feb May & Fri before 1st Sat in SepFebruary4WA GREAT SOUTHERN
Esperance183 ArchipelagoFri before 2nd Sat Mar & 2nd Sat May Aug NovMarch4WA GREAT SOUTHERN
Donnybrook20 Bridgetown2nd Fri Apr Jun, Sep, Dec.April4WA SOUTH WEST
Bunbury35 South West LeFanu3rd Sat Feb 4th Mon Jun Sep NovFebruary4WA SOUTH WEST
Busselton139 Vasse2nd Thu Feb May Aug NovNovember4WA SOUTH WEST
Subiaco16 Milpara4th Tues Feb May Aug NovMay4WA CENTRAL EAST
Doubleview19 J.A. Ellis4th Mon Mar Jun Sep NovJune4WA CENTRAL EAST
Fremantle15 Fremantle1st Fri Feb May Aug NovMay4WA CENTRAL SOUTH
Karratha1 Western Australia4th Sat Aug4WA NORTHERN
Port HedlandSat after 2nd Fri Apr 4th Sat OctOctober4WA NORTHERN
Geraldton43 Midwest3rd Sat Feb May Aug NovAugust4WA NORTHERN
Esperance34 Great Southern2nd Sat Mar4WA GREAT SOUTHERN
Narrogin1st Sat JunJune4WA GREAT SOUTHERN
Donnybrook41 South West2nd Sat Aug4WA SOUTH WEST
Busselton2nd Sat Dec4WA SOUTH WEST
Bunbury3rd Sat Jun4WA SOUTH WEST
(alternately)Installation2nd Sat Mar Donnybrook, Busselton, BunburyMarch4WA SOUTH WEST