Chapters of Improvement and Intermediate Degrees

The Chapters of Improvement are held under the authority of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Australia. 

Our Sovereign Chapters conduct in full the 18th Degree , whilst only communicating by name and conferring the candidate the 4th – 17th Degree only.

Thus, this is where the Chapter of Instruction and Intermediate Degrees fully work and confer the degrees from the 4th – 17th degree in a skilled and beautiful presentations. We recommend all Princes to attend and experience these degrees in their full , as they are fundamental to the Philosophy and tenets of the AASR.


Holden Chapter Meeting : 12th Degree performance

The Holden Chapter of Improvement and the Intermediate Degree, is the only place in Region where you...

Region 1 Holden Chapter (Intermediate Degrees)

The Holden Chapter of Improvement and Intermediate Degrees came together on Wednesday, November 29...

Holden Chapter of Improvement – Aug 2023

At the Holden Chapter we are always seeking ways of making the event more interesting. A short time...
Chapter NameRegionChapter Preceptor
Holden Chapter of Imprvoement1Em∴ Bro Dan Umali 32° OoM
Coral Sea Chapter of Improvement2Em∴ Bro Howard Beattie, 32°, CoM
Southern Cross Chapter of Improvement3Em∴ Bro Doug Gibb, 32° CoM
Westralia Chapter of Improvement4V∴ Em∴ Bro Derek Sloan, 32°, KCoM
Light of the South Chapter of Improvement5
Lachlan Macquarie Chapter of Improvement6V∴Ill∴ Bro David Padgett, 33°
Tropical North Chapter of Improvement7V∴Ill∴ Bro Alf McDonald, 33°
Tasman Chapter of Improvement8Em∴ Bro S. Zichy-Woinarski, 32° OoM