Holden Chapter of Improvement – Aug 2023

At the Holden Chapter we are always seeking ways of making the event more interesting.

A short time ago a different practice was introduced into the Holden Chapter and that was to perform only 1 degree at each meeting to allow time for group discussion on the thoughts and meanings of what the Degree is conveying.

Well, with a sincere acknowledgement of appreciation to M∴Ill∴Bro Dominic DeCandia 33˚ Grand Secretary General H∴E∴ the Holden Chapter went one step further again at our meeting on Wednesday 30th August and it is something we will attempt to incorporate into future meetings.

As there are no recorded minutes for Holden Chapter let me enlighten you on why the 9th Degree performance became even more exciting than before.
However firstly, to the performers who worked the degree – well done – the delivering of a degree is not just about words but in so many cases about the performance that is also involved and as in any play a good performance is appreciated and the performers at the 9th degree added that extra feeling.

Now, as I have mentioned, a new ‘phase’ has been added (with acknowledgement to Dominic). For what we believe must have been the first time in history a description of the Tracing Board of the 9th Degree was revealed plus an explanation of the Tracing Board was delivered by Dominic. I will not go into too much explanation at this time

And again, it was not just words, it was performed with feeling and emotion. Well done brethren.

Furthermore, this communication is being distributed via your Chapter Recorders to pass on to each member of the Rite within our Region. The purpose of this is that there is no comprehensive mailing list for all Rose Croix members within Region 1. So that you can be kept informed in a timely manner please email contact direct to the Recorder is via recorder@holdenaasr.com

Register your details to become a member of the Holden Chapter – it is free and there is no fees or dues payable to Holden.

A reminder to Chapter Recorders and Most Wise Sovereigns. The Holden Chapter will bring the Intermediate Degrees to your meeting. This does take considerable planning and therefore requires advance notice to be able to organise such events.

And finally, as of today a new Holden Chapter Recorder is taking over and I would like to introduce Em∴Bro Dan Umali 31˚ OoM, a member well known by many of you.

One more thing – the posted is a picture is the team who assisted with the 9th Degree.

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