Region 4 – Black Swan Grand Consistory No 5

Region 4 – Black Swan Grand Consistory No 5 – Yesterday the Sovereign Grand Commander (SGC) M.P.Bro Bill Morgan, Past SGC M.P.Bro Bill Thompson, The Grand Master of Freemasons WA, M.W.Bro Danial Ganon and The Regional Commander M.Ill.Bro Graeme Cucel attended the Black Swan Grand Consistory.
The day began with the advancement of two candidates to the 32nd Degree followed by the Installation of the Grand Commander in Chief (32nd Degree), Ill.Bro Glyn Thomas and the Appointment of the Enlightened Presiding Officer (31st Degree), Ill.Bro Joe Ruzzi.
The consistory banner was also dedicated, following a reading of the history of banners and flags by E & P Bro Doug Farmer.
The SGC and Past SGC were made Honorary Members of the Consistory in recognition of their tireless efforts in its establishment.
The festive board was a formal affair, complete with the traditional Rusty Nail, which is guaranteed to remove paint and start old engines.
The event completes a weekend visit to region 4 by the SGC and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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