The Art of Calligraphy – Scottish Rite for Australia Artwork

Envisioned to be a tribute to the continual growth and strength of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Australia, this pen and ink piece brings together traditional calligraphy methods and Scottish Rite symbolism in one space.

The overarching banner, emblazoned with “The Supreme Council 33°” is written in an antique Germanic font, and flows directly to the central banner curving downward proudly displaying the title of “Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite” written in embellished Old English. The text continues below in an upward sweeping banner, with the words “For Australia” written in a modern font hinting at the Rites adaptation in the modern era.

Members of the rite will recognise the insignia of our Order, in the form of the double headed eagle below the Supreme Council banner, and the artistic rendition of the Pelican in its Piety on the lower left side, piercing its breast and spilling its blood.

The imagery of feathers is a common motif throughout this piece, which pays homage to the original working tools of early Scribes. Working primarily with treated goose feather quills in ancient times, it is customary to pay artistic respect to the creatures that gave them, through fowl imagery and feather symbolism.

Surrounding and boarding the central imagery you will find artistic renditions of corn, wheat, foliage and leaves, as symbols of plenty, abundance and fruitfulness in token of the Rites continued growth in the spectrum of Freemasonry in Australia.

Article by Brodie Taylor

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