AASR 1st Degree – Open for All Mason

On the 5th September , on this rare occasion , All Masons (EAF, FC, MM) are invited to attend the working of the Ancient and Accepted Rite (AASR) 1st Degree has you have never seen it before.

This is a District Meeting for the Ancient and Accepted Rite which is hosted by The Sydney Sovereign Chapter 260 and the 1st Degree will be conducted by Lodge France 1021 so you also have an opportunity as a Mason to meet and network with members of the AASR.  Use the link below to access the file and click on the buttons to book you place in the meeting and /or in both the meeting and the Dinner afterwards. We look to see as many Freemasons , both already members of the AASR and those who are not on the day to enjoy this rarely seen before event.


DIRECT LINK TO INVITE PDF : https://scottishrite.org.au/download/118/social-media_public/2430/aasr-r1-district-meeting-aug-2023-v2-1.pdf


AASR R1 DIstrict Meeting Aug 2023 v2 (1)



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