ACT Sovereign Council and Canberra Sovereign Chapter Meeting

On Saturday afternoon, 9th September, ACT Sovereign Council and Canberra Sovereign Chapter met for their regular meetings at the Canberra Masonic Centre. The meetings were not only well attended but celebrated the wonders of our Rite.

ACT Sovereign Council was opened by the Grand Commander, Em Bro Ken Rowland OAM 31° CoM, soon after 1pm. The work of the Council was a walk-through of the Rite’s 21st Degree, Patriarch Noachite. The Degree teaches us the true virtues of Masons. We learn to strive for humility and modesty over arrogance and ego. The following Q&A, led by Ken, revealed the depth of the impact of this Degree on all in attendance.

The District Commander had the privilege, on behalf of Supreme Council, to present Ken with his Grand Commander’s Certificate. Roman then addressed the Council, which was repeated in the Chapter, the details of which can be found below.

Following the closure of the Council, unanimous encouragement led to the ‘candidate’, Ill Bro John Morris 31°, again donning the clothing worn during the ceremony for photos with the Grand Commander.

The Princes then retired to the South to enjoy nibbles, refreshments and conversation prior to the opening of the Chapter.

Canberra Sovereign Chapter was opened by the Most Wise Sovereign, Ill Bro Brendan Neech 30°, soon after 3pm. The work of the Chapter was the Perfection of now E&P Bro Cyril Oropesa 18° who was supported by a large number of Princes. The ceremony, conducted within two Lodge rooms, was delivered with heartfelt passion and dignity and in the highest traditions of our Rite. We welcome Cyril into the living circle of our hearts and to the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite.

At the 1st Rising the District Commander had the privilege to present, on behalf of Supreme Council, Brendan with his Certificate of appointment as Most Wise Sovereign. Also, a Certificate of Perfection to E&P Bro Nick Hill 18°, who had at this meeting been admitted as an affiliate member.

At the 2nd Rising Roman congratulated E&P Bro Cyril Oropesa on his Perfection, welcomed him to the Rite, and presented him with the AASR lapel pin. Please join me in welcoming our new Prince to the largest Masonic Order after the Craft.

The District Commander spoke to the growth and prosperity of our Rite within the District and asked us to consider what we may be able to do to support the Rite if within our cable tow. The Rite is reliant on the success of our Craft Lodges from where we accept petitions for Perfection from Master Masons of two years standing. The Goulburn region is now reduced to just one Craft Lodge. Roman advised he was honoured to be elected SW of Goulburn Lodge of Australia at last month’s election of officers. Are you motivated to support the Craft, or the Rite, in Goulburn? Opportunities to take office, or deliver your favourite Charge, await you.

Following the Third Point we retired to the South to honour our traditional toasts and were then invited to enjoy a meal at the adjacent Mawson Club. A sizeable number ventured across the car park where we joined a couple of tables and enjoyed a meal, refreshments and conversation.  


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