Eustace Jones 157 Installation

Eustace Jones Sovereign Chapter #157 held their Enthronement on Monday the 23rd of October 2023.

The incoming MWS, Ill Bro Andrew Shepherd, was enthroned by outgoing MWS, Ill Bro David Melville (AGM UGLQ).

The standard of the Enthronement ritual was an example of ‘how well it can be done’ which was of no surprise to all those in attendance.

The attached photos show the Regional Commander, M.Ill. Bro Goding, presenting the past MWS jewel to Ill Bro Melville after the ceremony at the fabulous South that was served to the Chapter.

image3-3.jpeg image1-1.jpeg image2-2.jpeg image0-0.jpeg

Peter McMillan

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