Region 1- Sydney St Andrew Sovereign Chapter – 22 November 2023

On Wednesday 23rd November, the Princes of the Sydney St Andrew Sovereign Chapter met at the Sydney Masonic Centre to conduct a double perfection. Overall, the work was very well conducted with true Masters leading the way and showing the team how it is done (V. Em. L.Kearns, V. Ill. G.Pipper). The two candidates for the night did an excellent job and then mentioned at the festive board what an eye opening and spiritual sense of feeling they received from the ceremony overall. Our work also included electing our new MWS to take over in Feb 2024 and we congratulate our MWS elect Ill. Bro. P Wilson.

We were also very lucky to have a visit from our District Commander V.Ill. Bro David Sully and Grand Secretary General M.Ill. Bro Dominic DeCandia who also provided their knowledge and encouragement to the new candidates and the entire Chapter.

The night ended with good food, laughs, very good toast and speeches and though provoking pieces of knowledge from our GSG. Plenty of Brotherly Love and Friendship on a wet and stormy night. Till our next happy meeting.

As MWS for this Chapter, its night like this that makes your appreciate the beauties of our Rite, its Members and how much we learn from each other.

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Luis Salvo

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