Region 1 – Canberra – ACT Sov. Council & Canberra Sov. Chapter

On Saturday, 9th March, the ACT Sovereign Council and Canberra Sovereign Chapter met for their regular meetings at the Canberra Masonic Centre. The meetings presented an exceptional and memorable exposé of the wonders of our Rite.

The work of the Council was the Re-Installation of the Grand Commander, and the investiture of his Officers, for the ensuing 12 months. The Grand Commander then delivered a compelling philosophical presentation describing the journey of a Freemason through both the material and ethereal realms.

The members then retired to the South for nibbles, refreshments and conversation until the Chapter opened.

The work of the Chapter was the Re-Enthronement of the Most Wise Sovereign, and the investiture of his Officers, for the ensuing 12 months. Following the Officers settling into their new positions and responsibilities, they immediately embarked on Perfecting two new Princes. 

The Canberra Masonic Centre is the only centre in the District that can offer two Lodge Rooms thereby adding more scope in which new Princes can experience their journey.

The District Commander had the pleasure of congratulating the new leaders, presenting the Past Most Wise Sovereign’s jewel and a 30° certificate, and sincerely welcoming our two new members into the only true Masonic Rite. 

The members then retired to honour the traditional toasts in the Centre’s South before moving to the adjacent Mawson Club to enjoy a meal, drinks and much conversation.

We congratulate the Grand Commander and Most Wise Sovereign and their Officers.  We welcome our two new Princes into the Living Circle of our hearts and the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite.

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