Region 7 SGC visit

MP Brother Bill Morgan, SGC, concluded his tour as Sovereign Grand Commander with a visit to Mackay, accompanied by Regional Commander Most Illustrious Brother Greg Goding, who brought a retinue from Region 2.

District Commander Very Illustrious Brother John Smith, with the assistance of his close friend Very Illustrious Brother Glen Jackson, meticulously organised a weekend of events for this special visit.

The highlight of the visit was a combined meeting arranged by the Mackay and Bowen Chapters, conducted by the two Most Wise Sovereigns. This joint meeting proved to be a resounding success.

During the day, a 30th degree was conferred, with both meetings featuring a candidate for the ceremony. Illustrious Brother Bob was elevated to the 30th Degree, and Excellent and Perfect Brother Edwin was perfected. Both candidates were undoubtedly impressed by the exceptional quality of the ritual.

The evening concluded with a splendid dinner, during which Brother Bill expressed his gratitude for the warmth and camaraderie of the Queensland brethren. He shared his regret at coming to the end of his term, having thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship and the unique Queensland spirit.

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Peter McMillan

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