Waratah Grand Consistory No.4

Welcome to the Warahtah Consistory No.5 information area. Here you will find events, information and news specific to our Consistory. 


Region 4 (WA) Delegation to the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons

Region 4 (WA) – The Regional Commander commissioned a small delegation to attend the...

Region 4 (WA) Hosanna Sovereign Chapter

Region 4 (WA) – Last night the Most Wise Sovereign was proclaimed for a second year. Best of...

Region 2 – Burleigh Sovereign Chapter Enthronement

Region 2 – Burleigh Sovereign Chapter Enthronement – Congratulations to a successful...

Region 4 (WA) Fremantle Sovereign Council No 15

Region 4 (WA) Fremantle Sovereign Council Installed Ill.Bro John Self into the chair of Grand...

Region 4 (WA) Boucaut Sovereign Chapter No 5

Region 4 (WA) Last night Ill.Bro Graham Swift was enthroned as MWS. We wish him every success for...

Region 7 SGC visit

MP Brother Bill Morgan, SGC, concluded his tour as Sovereign Grand Commander with a visit to Mackay...

Region 4 (WA) – Rose of Pilbara No 196

Region 4 (WA) – Rose of Pilbara Sovereign Chapter, supported by Port Headland Sovereign...

Region 4 (WA) – Gordon with Victoria Park No 40

Region 4 (WA) Gordon with Victoria Park Sovereign Chapter No 40 Last night we conducted a Double...

Region 4 – WA – Bridgetown Sovereign Chapter No 20

Region 4 (WA) – Bridgetown Sovereign Chapter, now meeting in the small country town of...
Chapter NameRegionChapter Preceptor
Holden Chapter of Imprvoement1Em∴ Bro Dan Umali 32° OoM
Coral Sea Chapter of Improvement2Em∴ Bro Howard Beattie, 32°, CoM
Southern Cross Chapter of Improvement3Em∴ Bro Doug Gibb, 32° CoM
Westralia Chapter of Improvement4V∴ Em∴ Bro Derek Sloan, 32°, KCoM
Light of the South Chapter of Improvement5
Lachlan Macquarie Chapter of Improvement6V∴Ill∴ Bro David Padgett, 33°
Tropical North Chapter of Improvement7V∴Ill∴ Bro Alf McDonald, 33°
Tasman Chapter of Improvement8Em∴ Bro S. Zichy-Woinarski, 32° OoM

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